"Defendants have the duty & responsibility to provide safe and humane conditions.... They have abdicated this responsibility by turning MDOC facilities over to private for-profit contractors and then failing to monitor the contractors' performance or hold them accountable."

We stay inspired by the truly diverse coalition that’s formed to advance smart criminal law reform in MS. That said, we’re one of 9 states w/ highest incarceration rates that actually saw rates increase in most recent year of available stats.

"Among the hundreds of mentally ill prisoners at EMCF are many whose untreated illnesses lead to extreme behaviors such as screaming, babbling, throwing excrement, and starting fires. Suicide attempts are frequent; some are successful."

SB 2841 would limit suspension of a driver's license for controlled substance violations when the violation actually involves driving. Licenses can currently be suspended for any violation of the controlled substance law, regardless of whether the individual was driving.


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